My monsoon lookbook ☔

namaste beauties 🙏🙏 !!! I hope you all are having fun and enjoying monsoon 😘 Rainy days , Romantic atmosphere , tea or coffee , it seems like paradise when you are at home . . . But the real struggle begins when you need to step out of your house. . . world doesn't … Continue reading My monsoon lookbook ☔


Sunday outing

I love wearing shirts !! Yes and specially checked shirts. I feel very comfortable in shirts and who doesn't love comfortable outfits? It was a mixed weather day. Sunny / little rainy. Me and my friends decided to go for an outing. So after spending some time in front of my wardrobe I came up … Continue reading Sunday outing

Makeup bag essentials for beginners

Makeup makeup makeup !!!! a women could understand how difficult this thing is 😰 Hello and welcome readers !!! Today I am gonna tell you about the beginners makeup bag. So if you are new into makeup or you love using makeup and you’re looking to simplify your makeup bag but don't Know actually what … Continue reading Makeup bag essentials for beginners

How to get holi ready | Pre and post Holi skin, nails and hair care

Holi is one of the beautiful festival of India. And as it is the festival of colors we always left with lot of skin , hair and nail problems at the end of it. Chemicals in the Colors are very harmful to our skin and hairs. In order to play Holi without having any trouble, … Continue reading How to get holi ready | Pre and post Holi skin, nails and hair care

DIY fever – Graphic tee 😻

Helloooo ppl !!! I hope you are doing well 😊 Now a days I've found my interest in all type of DIY projects... and trust me guyzz it makes me soo happy !!😻 actually I love anything related to art. specially painting... yesterday I was staring at my wardrobe to get a tee to wear … Continue reading DIY fever – Graphic tee 😻