How to get holi ready | Pre and post Holi skin, nails and hair care

Holi is one of the beautiful festival of India. And as it is the festival of colors we always left with lot of skin , hair and nail problems at the end of it. Chemicals in the Colors are very harmful to our skin and hairs. In order to play Holi without having any trouble, I have shared some amazing hacks and tips that everyone must follow. To avoid problems like skin dryness, rashes, pigmentation, allergies, brittle and hair dryness you must follow the following tricks. So let’s take a look.


We collect so many fun field memorise but along with that , we also get the skin problems if we don’t protect our skin before stepping out. Skin is the most important part to take care in this festival. Because our Skin suffers the most during holi !! 

Pre : Apply any oil on each exposed body part you can use anyone suitable to your skin type I prefer coconut oil because it is suitable to all skin types and it is useful as a moisturiser for your skin. Alternatively you can use body butter.
 Also don’t forget to protect your skin with sun block or sun screen. 

Do not take any skin treatment like bleach facial threading waxing etc. a week before and after holi it makes your skin very sensitive. 

Don’t use any makeup. Just be natural on holi but apply lots of lipbam to protect your lips.

Post : expoliate your skin with a scrub. For the stubborn colors that don’t seems to come off. I have a home made scrub recipe for you. For this you will need some besan (gram floor) some sugar and some curd. Mix them well. Massage your face gently untill the sugar melts. And keep it for 15 min. And wash it off with cold water.Besan sticks to the color and removes it. Curd moistures your skin and sugar act as a scrub.


Pre : Do same with your hairs , apply coconut,castor,musturd or olive oil on your hairs before stepping can also use coconut milk instead of oiling.

don’t forget to tie them in a poni. 

You can cover your hairs with a scarf. It will protect your hairs and it looks fashionable as well.
Post : once the party is over wash your hairs and body with cold or warm water. Avoid using hot water. As it might burn your skin and hairs. It also make difficult to get the color off.

Apply egg yolk on your hairs to make hairs softer and smoother . Wash off after 15-20 min.

If you don’t want to use egg yolk then apply a mixture of fenugreek powder and curd and wash off with shampoo and conditioner after 15 min.


So I have covered every part of the body only one thing is left whict is also very important that is nails because we pick all the colors with our hand and that color sticks to our nails. It is important to take care of your nails as well on holi because sometimes colors stays on your nails for few days or sometimes a week and it’s not good for your nails. It really damages your nails. 

Pre : So first tip for your nails is trim your nails 😣 nobody wants to but “prevention is better than cure”  so yaa trim your nails !!

  Then paint them with dark colors to protect  them from harsh holi colors. 

Protect your cuticles , nail bed and the back of your nails by applying Vaseline on it.

Outfit :cover your body as much as you can to protect your skin and avoid wearing denims because they gets really very heavy once they are wet.

Take off all your jewellery and protect them from damage and prevent them from getting lost.

I hope this post will be helpfull for you during this colourful festival. 

Happy holi guys Have a safe one !! 

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