Traditional Maharashtra


India is a land of varieties of cultures. . . dresses differs from place to place within the country. you can observe Traditional clothing in India varies across different parts of country.

Indian women have the perfect sense of fashion with makeup, jewelry and other accessories.  India is the mother of many traditions, culture and costumes. India unites world’s various religion and culture in it, so we call it in sanskrit vasudev khutumbkham (whole world is my home).This all make India an unique country in the world.

let me take you on a tour to one of the most traditional state in India – “Maharashtra”   I’ve listed down here for you the traditional drapery of Maharashtra .


Maharashtra is the third largest state of India. it is a Marathi speaking state. as per the Marathi Sanskriti (Marathi culture) the basic traditional cloths for women is nauvari saree     women compose the nine yard saree(nauvari saree n choli)

Nauvari saree :-

the word nauvari refers to the nine yards of a single cloth. Kaashtha is the another word for  nauvari saree. The word Kaashtha refers to the sari being tucked at the back.  the draping  of this saree is similar to wearing Maharashtrian dhoti (which is the traditional costume for male in Maharashtra). generally it is a costume of elderly Marathi women but like old is gold ladies are steeling this style from their Ajjis(grandmother) for the festivals. nowadays this saree is available in stitched form. you can just wear it like a pant or jeans.

kashtha is draped in one another way that is peshwai style. This type is draped in a method which was wore by Peshwa women or Brahmin women during the Maratha Empire, hence the name Peshwai. it is slightly different than the above type. in this type the yards are draped on the front side also. it looks like–


as you can see the back side is same in the two types. Nauvari usually comes in cotton also available in silk fabric and is wore without a petticot. the pallu and the border of the saree is of zarii or resham work.

any women is incomplete without jewelry specially in the traditional costume. for the nauvari saree you need the traditional Maharashtrian jewelry. when you learn about the traditional maharashtrian jewelry you will fall in love with a days it is available in gold as well as in artificial jewelry. let’s look at some traditional Mahrashtrian jewelry.

The Traditional Maharashtrian Jewellery Names For Kaashtha

1.Nath :-               

This nose ornament is a typical and unique traditional maharashtrian jewelry. it is different from other nose pins that are worn by Indian women. woven by Pearls and  as you can see nath has pink,green and white stones at the middle.


2.Kolhapuri Saaj :-

It is another traditional maharashtrian the name indicates kolhapuri saaj is famous in Kolhapur which is the name of famous city in Maharashtra as well as Belgaum, and the southern part of Maharashtra. it is as good as mangalsutra. commonly it is handmade.



Thushi is woven very closely with the gold beads. thushi comes with the a string along with a adjustable bead that you can adjust your thushi according to your neck size and a gonda . it is also originated in Kolhapoor. you can see the beads are looking like jowar seeds.


4. Mohan Mala:-

This simple and elegant jewelry is named as  mohan mala. mohan mala is of round gold beads stringed beautifully in two or three layers. it is a stunning neck piece of Maharashtrian jewelry.


5.Putali haar:-

The putali haar, also called as Laxmi haar. A heavy gold structure of necklace it is the another jewelry from Kolhapur. A gold chain along with gold beads or disks. These beads or disks often contain the motifs of goddess Laxmi or goddess sita(an avtar of goddess laxmi). Matching Earings are also available in market.and these earing also contain the motifs of Laxmi or Sita.


6. Bugadi:-

the traditional bugadi is worn on the upper rim of the ear(earlobe).the bugadi is an unique ornament which has two parts which are joins with the gold wire.

CV-MRADH48174223550--Radhica_Arts-Craftsvilla_1 (1).jpg

7. Kudya:-

These are the timeless classic traditional earrings and Are very much popular from Peshwa period.


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